Extra Curricular Programs

Spanish Class
For Ages: 3-10 yrs

Classes are engaging and entertaining while teaching your child Spanish through the use of colors, shapes, sizes, quantities, all in a social, full participation, game environment. Your child will gain Spanish language foundation plus learning skills that improve comprehension of math, reading, music and more!

Ms. Miriam, a native of Guatemala who has taught Spanish to pre-school children for years, has teamed with Sammamish Children’s School throughout the year to provide children ages 3-10 yrs affordable Spanish classes in a fun, easy, learning environment.

4 classes a month
Price: $65 per month


Mandarin Class
For Ages: 3-10 yrs

Miss Tiffany Lo has been teaching Mandarin Chinese in private and public settings for over ten years. Prior to moving to Mercer Island, Tiffany lived in Shanghai, China with her husband and 3 children for 5 years. After moving to Mercer Island 6 years ago, she obtained a Mandarin teaching position and used this experience to obtain additional teaching positions around the Puget Sound area.

Miss Tiffany's main goal is to show children that they can have fun when learning a new language and new culture. She introduces songs, games, and other interactive activities for the students that will allow them to enjoy themselves while also learning something very beneficial.

4 classes per month
Price: $65 per month


For Ages: 3-5 yrs

Through playball the children learn a broad range of skills needed to later master sports such as tennis, hockey, soccer, volleyball, basketball, and baseball. Playball is result oriented, meaning, as coaches we always come with a lesson plan and each lesson progresses as your child’s skills grow.

Our 30 minute session each week consists of a warm up, the actual skill we will be working on for the lesson, and then ends with a game. The game is to help your child practice the skill he or she has just learned as well as practice sportsmanship and group listening. Parents also receive progress reports twice per year and regular emails about the playball program so they stay well informed!

4 classes a month
Price: $67 per month


Gymnastics Express
For Ages: 2-5 yrs

Our unique program is designed to provide young children with the opportunity to develop basic tumbling/gymnastics ability, coordination, balance, strength and above all, to build confidence and a positive self image. Ms. Jet brings all sizes of mats and climbing equipment to SCS, so that children experience a full gymnastic opportunity.

4 classes a month
Price: $55 per month


Creative Movement
For ages: 3-5 yrs

Creative Movement features dance techniques from multiple styles of dance. The children will learn routines for their Fall and Spring dance recitals while being introduced to the basics of jumps, leaps, turns and technique. The dancers will learn the basics of ballet and jazz with a focus on creative movement and will participate in various activities that make learning fun! Miss Sara has been teaching dance for 15 years and has danced & performed all of her life. After finishing her BA in Performing Arts, she began teaching dance and has the privilege to teach and learn from over 400 students a year!

4 classes a month
Price: $65 per month*

*plus an optional recital fee


To Register
Please contact the school office for more information on registering your child for extra curricular activities. Extra Curricular Programs (Printable PDF)